The AKINAL family has a business experience since about centuries. In 1978 they established the company AKINAL AYAKKABILICIK SAN. TIC. A.S. which reached until 2014 to be one of the biggest shoes and slippers manufacturer in this sector.

  The export sales are distributed in 42 different countries worldwide. With the beginning of 2004 the family decided to make a next big investment in to the textile sector. The establishment of the new factory, named AKINAL TEKSTIL SAN. VE TIC. A.S., is producing BCF polypropylene yarns for carpets. The capacity was 300 tons per month.   The success by producing polypropylene yarns made it possible to increase the capacity to 1000 tons per month. 2010 ,2015 and latest 2017  AKINAL invested in new European production lines. The machines are coming from Germany, France and Switzerland and have the newest technology. The factory moved from the 2nd industrial zone to the brand new zone number 5. The whole factory is new and unique designed and has for our elite clientele all doors open.   We are very proud about our sales to the exclusive customers from our domestic market. Our foreign customer portfolio has a very wide ranged.  It is spreading from Europe to America, from Africa to the Middle East.   Professionalism, communication, transparence, punctuality, discipline and performance are the keywords of high quality. High quality is the keyword of success in business.