The facility AKINAL TEKSTIL SAN. VE TIC. A.S. has a very special design which makes it very worth seeing. Take your time to visit the impressive factory.

The machinery has following components:

        • 3 Oerlikon Neumag machines (BCF yarns)
        • 8 Oerlikon Volkmann + Rieter machines (twisting/cabling)
        • 4 Superba + Rieter machines (Heatset/Friese)

        With these new and high professional machines we are able to produce as well polypropylene yarns as polyester yarns in mono- and tricolor. The tricolor yarn production is as homogeny yarn and as high definition (HD) yarn possible. The HD version is also known as CPC yarn. All these yarns are as BCF, Non Heatset, Heatset and Friese available.

Some more specific details:

        • USAGE: weaved carpets, tufted carpets, mats
        • RAWMATERIAL: polypropylene or polyester granulates (world’s greatest brands)
        • DTEX RANGE: 900 dtex – 4000 dtex as single yarn, multi-ply is possible
        • SPINNERETS: 144, 180, 240 360 filaments
        • SPINNERET TYPES: trilobal or delta-concav
        • TWISTING RANGE: 50 TPM -500 TPM
        • DIRECTION: S-twist / Z-twist

        All of the produced goods have a high lightfastness and are produced with certificated high qualitatively masterbatches.